All My Children: Adam bribed the judge into letting Annie off easy. Brot and Natalia won the dance marathon. Aidan found surveillance footage of Annie locking lips with Scott and JR. Madison tried to overdose on pills.

As the World Turns: Liberty wanted Paul and Emily to adopt her baby. Janet offered to raise her granddaughter with Jack. Craig and Rosanna made love but appeared to regret it. The charges against Adam were dropped.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Justin decided to stay in town to get to know Marcus. Bill told Katie how he feels about her. Pam was sworn to secrecy about Stephanie's condition. Jackie told Steffy to stay away from Owen.

Days of Our Lives: Victor forbade Daniel from marrying Chloe. Meredith led Sami to believe that Rafe left town for good. Sami and Arianna teamed up to find Rafe. Meredith tossed an unconscious Rafe into the river.

General Hospital: Maxie and Spinelli rejoiced in wedded bliss. Johnny and Olivia told each other "I love you." Sam and Jason caught the bouquet and garter. Claudia found out that Dominic is Sonny's son. Ethan went to Greece to search for Luke.

Guiding Light: Frank and Blake found out they were flirting online together all this time. Daisy and Ashlee headed off to Berkeley. Josh asked Reva to meet him at the lighthouse in one year if she wanted to be with him. Remy and Christina announced they are expecting a child. A year later: Rick and Mindy got married, Mallet and Dinah moved on with their lives together in Europe, and Reva told Josh that she loves him as they drove off into the sunset.

One Life to Live: Ross kidnapped Blair so she couldn't stop Todd and Tea's wedding. John got a lead on Jessica's stalker after watching footage of the reality show. Greg told Matthew he wouldn't operate on him. Tea found the check Dorian wrote to Ross.

The Young and the Restless: Colleen's loved ones said goodbye before she was taken off life support. Sharon and Ashley went into labor simultaneously. Traci agreed to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Adam stole Sharon's baby and gave her to Ashley.

Dana Block is a columnist for North America Syndicate Inc.