How are you feeling about your kids today?  Your grandkids?  The kids on your block? In your neighborhood?  Throughout the city? Around the state? What’s the future have in store for all God’s kids? Decisions are being made every day that will affect children for years to come. Where and how do you get your information about such things?  Where and how do you step out on behalf of kids in such decisions?

I’m going to marching for kids this Sunday. Me and 10,000 of my closest friends. Come on out and join us. It will be great. 


The event is organized by Children’s defense Fund. I have been a fan of CDF for about as long as I can remember. Our state chapter has lots of resources, which includes this reflection from one of the staff, Norma Bourland. I commend it. She writes:

“As adults we to talk around the real issue of ‘How are the children?’ and instead focus on self-interests, such as who pays taxes and how much, who can get a marriage license and who can’t, and many other issues that are secondary when a child’s life and future are at stake.

Common sense, as well as research tells us that investments in the early years of a child’s life pay dividends for the rest of that child’s life.  Indeed, when we invest in children, we’re investing in all our futures. What we give a child is never wasted and what we don’t give a child is to our own peril. 

I’m waiting for a candidate that puts children at the top of the state budget. Someone who will be bold enough to commit to fully funding Head Start so every low-income child can be ready for school; to create a child care system that benefits children and keeps families working without making them choose between quality care for their child and a job; to make education fit the child’s needs and doing whatever it takes to train quality teachers and pay them well; to invest in after and before school programs that build leadership and character and give children an opportunity to contribute to the community. I want a candidate who will take a hard look at how we criminalize children who are wounded and acting out–trying hard to get the recognition and support they need emotionally or spiritually–and finding a better way to give them the help they need.

I’m waiting for a candidate who will make sure that health care for our children is easy to access and is comprehensive, so that every child is automatically given the medial and mental healthcare they need. Why is this so hard?!

Children are now the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. When a child has to spend even one night in a shelter, the healthy development of that child is impacted. Families with children are now the fastest growing segment of those using food shelves. When even one child has to skip a meal or go without good nutrition, the healthy development of that child is impaired.

Minnesota does a good job taking care of most of our children–just not all of our children and just not good enough. We could do so much better if our leaders asked and answered ‘How are the children?’”

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