When fish are aggressive many presentations will produce results but the steady boring weather of late can slow the action down.

Slow rolling a Large inline spinner or spinner bait keeps the bait right in front of the fish longer and presents an easy target. Working deep weeds in low light conditions has been the number one producer so far this summer in my boat. What I am looking for are deeper weeds....9-18 feet of water with weeds that top out well below the surface. Many presentations can be effective over deep weeds but my favorite is to run a large inline spinner like the Musky Mayhem Super Model or a large CJ Spinner bait just over the weed tops. Simply adjust your retrieve speed so that the bait is just ticking a weed top here and there...if you are constantly hanging up in weeds simply speed up a bit...if you are not touching weeds at all slow down till you start making some contact. Taking things a step further you can experiment with adding weight or changing blade sizes to get the balence of speed and depth the fish seem to prefer..... for example a spinnerbait with willow blades will generally run deeper than one with Colorado style blades, larger inline spinners usually run higher in the water than smaller styles. Many times Muskies will follow a slow rolled bait right to the boat making no real effort to eat untill a good figure 8 boatside manuever closes the deal......make sure you finish your cast with a good figure 8 especially when working deeper or darker water where fish can show up way behind your lure unseen untill they strike.

Try slow rolling a bit on your next outing....it works.

Bob Turgeon
FishMuskies @aol.com

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