A modern ‘Robo’ reboot

In the hands of director José Padilha (“Bus 174,” “Elite Squad”), the remake of “RoboCop” meets expectations without exceeding them.

Lightly following the original story line by screenwriters Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, this iteration makes a few tweaks here and there, hewing to the most recognizable contours but dispensing with the most hard-edge violence and gore. (This “RoboCop” has been retooled by screenwriter Joshua Zetumer.)

Police officer Alex Murphy still is an upright Detroit cop battling crime on the streets and corruption inside his precinct. When an explosion takes his life, he is whisked away by the bright and shiny company OmniCorp and reconfigured as a part-human cyborg, the perfect melding of man and machine and an ideal marketing tool for selling Americans on the idea of robotic law enforcement.

The Blu-ray (MGM, $40; also DVD, $30) includes deleted scenes and ­making-of featurettes.

Washington Post

Colin Covert says: I would advise anyone with fond memories of Paul Verhoeven’s original movie to avoid seeing this flimsy facsimile.


Also out Tuesday: “Falling Skies” (Season 3), “The Glades” (Season 4), “Graceland” (Season 1), “Lone Survivor,” “Son of God,” “True Blood” (Season 6).



Turn down Twitter

For those who follow a lot of people on Twitter, it can get pretty noisy, especially during events such as the Oscars or a big game. Recently, Twitter introduced a way to mute specific Twitter accounts temporarily rather than taking the more extreme step of unfollowing someone.

Mute, which has been a feature in unofficial Twitter apps such as Tweetbot, is now usable in Twitter’s iOS and Android apps, as well as the Twitter website. It’s a simple on-off switch available in the little gear menu when you view another user’s profile page.

Unfortunately, you can’t set a time limit on the muting; you’ll need to go in and unmute the person if you want to see their tweets in your timeline again. The other user will still see your tweets; it’s a one-way cone of silence and they won’t know they’re muted unless you tell them.

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Top 10 iOS games

– In Harm’s Way” • 5. “Kero Blaster” • 6. “Thomas Was Alone” • 7. “Botanicula” • 8. “Hitman Go” • 9. “Trials Frontier” • 10. “Republique: Episode 2 – Metamorphosis.”

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