SOCHI, RUSSIA -- I must say, the Olympic volunteers have been outstanding. For one, they're everywhere so if you have a question or are unsure of where you're going, you can usually find someone pretty quick to help you.

I've had several instances where a volunteer couldn't quite understand what I was asking but took time to find someone who understood English better.

We have volunteers at every bus stop who make sure the media shuttles run on time and that people are getting on the right bus. They've just done a fabulous job in my opinion.

As I approached the media stop at our hotel early this morning, a young male volunteer was sitting by himself.

"Do you like magic?" he asked.

My initial reaction: Oh boy, where is this headed?

Sure, I told him.

He pulled out a deck of cards and proceeded to do some amazing tricks that had me laughing hard. You know the whole, is this your card routine.

At one point, he went over to a folder that was sitting on a bench about five feet away and pulled out my card. As the bus pulled up, I told him thanks and that he's got talent.

"Magic," he said, smiling.

That was a good way to start the day.

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