On the schedule

Minnesota grandmothers will be featured on the following dates on the Cooking Channel:

Oct. 15: Grethe Petersen of Bloomington, who has been called the Julia Child of Danish cooking, serves a multicourse luncheon at the Danish Center with chicken soup and dumplings, herring with curry and cream sauces, and aebleskiver with sugar and strawberry sauce.

Oct. 22: Joenie Haas, Andrew Zimmern's mother-in-law, introduces Rocca to traditional Midwest dishes, including tater tot hot dish, Jell-O salad and her traditional Christmas Jesus cake at her family's log cabin on Lake Mille Lacs.

Oct. 29 (season finale): Aslaug Warmboe shares a traditional Icelandic Christmas dinner, which includes smoked lamb, creamed potatoes and a brown bread.