Government rarely gets the credit for being streamlined or efficient, but don't tell that to the members of Rochester's City Council.

On Wednesday night, they accomplished two weeks' worth of business in just over three minutes. They ripped through a 50-page agenda, dispatching no fewer than 27 items that ranged from the routine to the eye-glazing. From the opening gavel to adjournment, exactly three minutes and 17 seconds, according to the local paper.

How on Earth did they pull it off?

"It was quite unusual, and I don't think we'll be repeating it anytime soon," said City Administrator Stevan Kvenvold.

He continued: "For starters, there were no public hearings -- which is really odd. And most of the agenda items were relatively mundane, so none of the council members decided to pull them [out to be considered separately]. We had four ordinances on second readings, so, boom, boom -- we were out of there.

"It definitely makes up for the meetings that go on for three or four hours."