Most other local music writers/pundits in town have spoken, and we're compiling 22 of their lists in our 11th annual Twin Cities Critics Tally, running in Sunday's Star Tribune and this week's It's a pretty thrilling and eye-opening list, with one album that was far and away the favorite, plus a lot of newcomers and some pleasant surprises.

In the meantime, here's one more list of the top Minnesota albums of 2012 for your enjoyment/annoyment/wonderment. The top three were absolute shoo-ins that required zero thought or revisitation, since I never stopped listening to them after I wrote about them (that Pines record came out way back in Jaunary, too!). The rest also fell into place pretty easily, including the one that I actually listened to the most ... over and over, with ample singalongs in the car and skipping around to certain songs and assorted hand gesturing here and there, as parents of pre-K kids are wont to do. That album, too, stood up well to heavy rotation (and just earned a Grammy nomination).

Here's my list: 

1. P.O.S., “We Don’t Even Live Here”

2. The Pines, “Dark So Gold”

3. Trampled by Turtles, “Stars and Satellites”

4. MaLLy, “The Last Great...”

5. various, “Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979

6. Now, Now, “Threads”

7. Honeydogs, “What Comes After”

8. Okee Dokee Brothers, “Can You Canoe?”

9. Bloodnstuff, “Bloodnstuff”

10. Prissy Clerks, “Bruise or Be Bruised”


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