Some resources for the curious:

• For the nonhunter: Three places to find or order wild game:

Heartland Farm Direct Market: 289 E. 5th St., St. Paul, adjacent to the St. Paul Farmers Market downtown

Clancey's Meats and Fish: 4307 Upton Av. S., Minneapolis

Specialty Meats and Gourmet: 1810 Webster St., Hudson, Wis.

• A blog: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook at Hank Shaw, former Minnesotan, won a 2013 James Beard award for this comprehensive, common-sense guide to hunting, foraging and cooking pretty much any species you might find in your bag. His enthusiasm and expertise are infectious and inspiring.

• A cookbook: "The Cooking of Southwest France," by Paula Wolfert. There are lots of books about the basics of game cookery. If you want to try getting fancy, you can't beat Wolfert's definitive guide to the cuisine of a sophisticated meat and game-loving region.

• A writer: Jim Harrison. If you believe you've already thought a lot about food, Harrison's collected food writings, "The Raw and the Cooked," will make you think again. It will also make you laugh. No one else writes on the subject with his exuberance.