Amid the wreckage of this Vikings season is a question: Assuming you still have the ability to feel real human feelings after last night's debacle, is there one particular Vikings player you feel particularly sorry for?

Yes, it's come down to a pity party.

For us, there is a list of a few players that come to mind -- staying conscious, of course, of the fact that they are all compensated ridiculously to play a game.

We feel bad for Greg Jennings, who couldn't have envisioned the QB nightmare when he signed here.

We feel bad for Jared Allen, who has started 100 consecutive games in the NFL and whose effort cannot be questioned if you watched his sack of Eli Manning last night in which he basically reached around an offensive lineman while being blocked.

We feel bad for Matt Cassel, who didn't really get to see the opportunity he was presented truly unfold.

We feel bad for Adrian Peterson, obviously.

Anyone we're missing? Do you feel sorry for anyone?

Thoughts, please, in the comments.

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