Far be it from us to insert ourselves into Rory McIlroy's love life, but golf great Gary Player already has, so why not!


Player thinks McIlroy's golf game is suffering because he's hanging out too much with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and not practicing his chips and putts enough. The quotes? They really are quite staggering:

"He's got to be intelligent and find the right wife. If he finds the right wife, if he practices and if he's dedicated, he could be the man," Player said.

McIlroy, 24, is currently mired in a disappointing season by his own standards. Although he's ranked third in the world, he is 35th on the PGA Tour in scoring average and has failed to even contend at a major in 2013. The Northern Irishman has also not won since moving to new sponsors Nike at the start of the year.

Player implied that McIlroy's commitment to traveling regularly to see Wozniacki play might mean he does not practice enough. Player said McIlroy needs a partner who is dedicated only to aiding his career.

"When you're in love as a young man naturally golf seems to take second place for a while. It's natural," Player said. "Love is still the greatest thing that ever happens in our lives.

"But the thing is for a man like Rory with talent galore he's got to make sure he has a woman like I've got, who has been married [to me] for 56 years, that has only encouraged me to do well and made sacrifices," he said.

Got that, Rory? Find a pushover who only exists for you instead of a top tennis player. 

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