Well, Anytime Fitness is sponsoring a "Joe Mauer fact" contest. All you have to do is submit a fact about Joe, and you might win a prize. Per the contest page:

 Joe Mauer is often characterized as the ultimate boy next door. But how wholesome is he? Some have said he’s so wholesome, old ladies walk him across the street. Between now and September 31, we’ll be giving away autographed Joe Mauer jerseys, bats, balls, and t shirts for the best Mauer Facts.

The good news? Some of the facts are actually pretty funny, such as "when Joe Mauer brushes his teeth, it's to clean the toothbrush."

The bad news? Well, the timing of the competition might not be the best. Because we're guessing some of you might have a few Joe Mauer "facts" that don't quite ring positive. Also: The kitten picture is kinda cute but also kinda weird.

Hat tip to Howard Sinker, with an assist to Steph.

The accompanying video? Bizarre. But the good kind of bizarre.


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