The infamous Saints bounty program gave us the unforgettable line, "Kill the head and the body will die." This remains a sore spot in Vikings history, as it pertains to trying to take out Brett Favre in the NFC title game following the 2009 season. But if we have learned anything in the years leading up to that game, and now the years afterward, it is this:


You can try to kill the head of a Brett Favre rumor, but the body of that rumor will never die.

The latest, per ESPN's Adam Schefter: The Rams, desperate for a quarterback after Sam Bradford went down with a torn ACL, contacted Favre to check the 44-year-old gunslinger's appetite for yet another comeback.


Favre hasn't played since December 2010, but that didn't stop the Rams from reaching out to Favre's agent, Bus Cook.

One source familiar with the Rams' conversations said that if Favre took them up on their interest, "it could break Twitter."

Yet the man who famously wavered over whether to play too many times to count didn't waver this time. Through Cook, Favre told the Rams that he was retired -- actually, really, officially.

Favre was asked about the Rams' interest in an interview with ESPN 570 Radio in Washington on Thursday and made it clear he is not returning to the NFL.

"It's flattering, but you know there's no way I'm going to do that," he said.

This, of course, is where all Favre rumors start -- with leaked news, then a denial, then ...?

Granted, Favre is much older now than when he attempt his many previous comebacks. Then again, we've never been convinced this was really over. Why else would Cook talk about what great shape Favre is in earlier this year -- hey, we made a video about it! Research for that video armed us with the dangerous knowledge that Warren Moon, Steve DeBerg and Vinny Testaverde all started games at age 44 in the past 20 years.

What we think is this: Favre has no interest in going and playing for a 3-4 Rams team fighting an uphill battle in a stacked NFC West. We could only really imagine him going to 1 of 7 teams at this point: the Seahawks, 49ers, Saints, Chiefs, Broncos, Colts or Patriots -- basically the seven top Super Bowl contenders, if any of them ran into a season-ending QB injury.

Wait, better make that eight: We'll add the Packers to the list as well.

For now, Brett can keep riding that bike 30-50 miles a day and enjoying the good life. He always knows where that white horse is if someone really interesting gives him a call.

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