Age: 31. Lives in: Northeast Minneapolis. Occupation: Ma, singer, rapper, photographer, waitress.

Q: People may remember you back in your days of co-fronting Black Blondie. What's it like to leave the Twin Cities and come back after five years in New York?

A: It felt amazing to get out of town. I needed to be re-inspired. Coming back at first felt like the walls were caving in on me, but quickly that warm familiar feeling wrapped me up in a cocoon. And I missed the yard space.

Q: How much has stayed the same and how much has changed?

A: It's funny how much is still exactly the same, but, on the flip side, much has changed. There are so many new bands and restaurants, it makes my head spin!

Q: What are your favorite places to hang out?

A: You can catch me at Northeast Social, King & I, Red Stag or anywhere with tons of organic, grass-fed temptations.

Q: You and your partner Rico are constant collaborators. What's it like collaborating with your partner?

A: I love it if we can get along enough to get a song out! Making music, babies and living with a partner is challenging, but the outcome is beautiful. See my babies and music for proof.