If you find yourself squinting at a tiny Mario on the small screens of the Nintendo DS, you're in luck -- as long as you have some cash to spare.

Nintendo has announced that a bigger version of its popular DS, the No. 1 video-game system in the world, will be released March 28 for $190.

The Nintendo DSi XL has dual screens that are nearly twice as large as those of its predecessor and that offer wider viewing angles. The unit will come in burgundy and bronze colors. Preinstalled software will include "Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters," "Brain Age Express: Math," "Photo Clock," a Web browser and "Flipnote Studio." The stylus also will be larger and easier to hold, more like a regular pen.

Add it all up, and it's pretty easy to see whom the DSi XL is aimed at: That's right -- older gamers. The DSi XL is the video-game equivalent of a large-print book!

Nintendo's move also speaks to how popular the DS is with all ages. The good news is that dollar bills already are printed in an easy-to-read format, so older gamers will have no problem counting out nearly 200 of them to buy a Nintendo DSi XL.