A Sioux City pastor who has suggested a presidential marriage, as it were, between uber-conservatives Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, is pushing a new hip-hop video ripping front-runner Newt Gingrich for his personal failures as a serial husband.
The Rev.Cary Gordon, president of PeaceMakers Institute and pastor of Sioux City's Cornerstone Church, sent out 832,897 text messages to Iowans last week trumpeting his video calling for Bachmann and Santorum to join forces before the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses on January 3.
The new video he’s pushing calls Gingrich "the GOP's Kim Kardashian for his many infidelities on marriage - gay, straight and his own"
Starring conservative filmmaker Molotov Mitchell, the video praises Bachmann, Santorum and Rick Perry for backing a pledge opposing same-sex marriage.
Gordon played a prominent role in the defeat of three Iowa Supreme Court justices last year who had ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Now he is lamenting the fact that Bachmann, Santorum and Perry, all polling in the single digits, are splitting the conservative vote in the 2012 GOP nomination battle.
Gordon’s not a big fan of Mitt Romney either. But here’s his family-values takedown of Gingrich, a theme that is likely to get some currency among religious conservatives now that Gingrich seems to be for real.


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