First Time Camper

  • Blog Post by: Samara Postuma
  • June 12, 2014 - 11:53 AM

My 8 year old son heads off to overnight camp this weekend for the first time. Yay for Covenant Pines!

Friday morning we'll drop him off to board the bus with a couple buddies and he'll be off and running for what I'm sure will be a fantastic camp experience.

He's not my quiet or shy kid, he's excited about every new opportunity and was thrilled beyond belief when we signed up this past winter. Though it's hard to believe it was just a year ago he had his first away from home sleepover I think he's more than ready for camp!

We've printed the packing list and had the health form signed off on. All that's left is getting everything labeled and organized and packed and simply sending him out the door.

I grew up going to camp from the time I was about this age, some summers even going more than one time or more than one camp. I loved it. Loved the time with friends, the late nights, the group games, the canteen, I loved everything about it and I hope the same for him.

Of course I have a few little worries. He's got the fairest skin in our family so I worry that he'll forget to put on sunscreen and he wears glasses so of course I worry that he'll throw them aside and forget about them. While I'm certain camp counselors and life guards are likely on top of the sunscreen issue, I'm not quite sure how we'll handle the glasses issue yet. Send them? Don't send them? Just put them in his glasses case in his bag? {And no, he's not blind without them though I do think he sees better with them.}

I'm certain he'll lose a sock or two and might not bring home his towel despite all of my fierce labeling but I'm really ok with it. He'll do his best and because my goal for him is future independence I'd rather him figure these things out now then when he turns 18.

Do you send your kids to overnight camp? What are your tried and true tips? 

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