Allison Miller stars in “Devil’s Due.”


Short Circuits: 'Devil's Due' on video; portable battery charger; top 10 games

  • April 28, 2014 - 3:09 PM


Horror movie ramps up the clichés

A “Rosemary’s Baby” for the “Paranormal Activity” generation, “Devil’s Due” uses the increasingly unimaginative found-footage gimmick to try to juice up the tired trope of a woman who is carrying a demonic fetus.

The movie’s two-word title is the world’s shortest plot synopsis. What few surprises lie in store arrive late in the film and consist of generic supernatural horror clichés (sub-genre: the occult). In other words, expect arcane religious symbols, Latin incantations and levitation.

The Blu-ray (Fox, $40; also DVD, $30) includes commentary, deleted scenes and featurettes.

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Also out Tuesday: “The Best Offer,” “Gimme Shelter,” ­“Gloria,” “Hill Street Blues” (complete series), “Labor Day,” “The Legend of Hercules.”



Portable battery offers boost of juice

The Razorplus from myCharge ($50, is true to its name. It’s razor thin at just one-third of an inch. What’s more important is that it’s a portable battery for charging almost any portable USB gadget needing an extra boost of power on the go. It comes precharged with 3000mAh of battery power for more than 13 hours of talk time, with a single USB port in an attractive anodized aluminum case.

A four-light LED system is activated by shaking the battery to test the battery level.

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Top 10 games for May

1. “Dark Souls II” • 2. “Hearthstone” • 3 .“Kirby: Triple Deluxe” • 4. “MLB 14: The Show” • 5. “Child of Light” • 6. “Mario Golf: World Tour” • 7. “Lego The Hobbit” • 8. “2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil” • 9. “Trials Fusion” • 10. “The Elder Scrolls Online.”

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