Randy Lee, left, and John McCally, business partners in McCally-Lee Entertainment, are looking for Minnesota mothers of rink rats for their proposed “Hockey Moms” reality TV show.

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Casting call for real-life Minnesota hockey moms

  • Article by: KIM PALMER
  • Star Tribune
  • April 5, 2014 - 3:41 PM

Hey, hockey moms! Now that your kid’s regular season is over, here’s your shot to be in the spotlight.

A local production company is seeking interesting and telegenic Minnesota hockey moms for a proposed TV reality show, “Hockey Moms.” The show is designed to showcase the real-life characters who keep youth hockey humming — driving carpool, juggling schedules and washing stinky jerseys — here in the state of hockey.

“We know firsthand there are a lot of entertaining hockey moms out there,” said John McCally of McCally-Lee Entertainment. (He and his business partner, Randy Lee, both played hockey at Rochester-Mayo High School and Gustavus Adolphus College during the 1980s.)

“It could be the loud boisterous mom who yells at the ref, or the devoted mom who’s not as loud but just as passionate,” McCally said. Hockey moms with unusual family circumstances, such as a whole herd of hockey-playing kids, also are encouraged to apply.

Moms who think they have the right stuff to be reality stars are encouraged to complete an online submission form at before April 24. Submissions should include photos and/or video. Does that mean young hot moms have the advantage? “They don’t have to be hot,” McCally said. He’s more interested in moms with personality and a story line — “something that will make for an interesting dramatic show.” Photos and video should definitely showcase the moms themselves and what makes them special — not little Johnny or Jenny scoring a goal, he added.

So far, “Hockey Moms” is just a concept and does not yet have a network commitment, McCally said. Moms selected during the casting process will likely be featured in a “sizzle reel” that will be used to shop the show to networks.

McCally is convinced “Hockey Moms” has national, not just regional, appeal. “I think it could be a great national show, and we’re talking to national cable networks. It certainly would showcase the quintessential Americana aspect of Minnesota hockey and the passion people have about hockey.”

Hockey moms who make it to the next round will be contacted for phone interviews. “We may ask for additional video and photos,” McCally said. Then there will be an in-person call-back for those who make the cut.

Moms who are selected for the show will have to bring it, all season long. “It will be a commitment,” McCally said. “They will have cameras around, and there will be travel. This will be part of their lives. The hockey mom needs to be devoted, and the family needs to buy into it. That will be part of our vetting process. They have to understand what it takes.”

In other words, being a “Hockey Mom” could get in the way of being a hockey mom.


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