Dispatch: Spring migration report from Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge

  • March 27, 2014 - 2:15 PM

“A lot of geese started showing up about three weeks ago, and we’ve progressively seen more and more every day. We have all kinds of waterfowl, from Canada geese to white-fronted geese, mallards, gadwalls and northern shovelers. Almost every duck species in North America is here right now. I just counted 62 eagles a minute ago on the refuge. We have 3 active bald eagles on the refuge right now, with females sitting on the nests. I saw a red-tailed hawk, northern harriers — for people who like to see eagles and other birds of prey, you name it, it’s probably here right now.”

Jason Ballard, wildlife refuge specialist, Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge
The refuge has an auto tour route, allowing visitors to observe many species of birds from the comfort of their cars. More information: 1-320-273-2191

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