Holiday on Ice was started in Ohio but was made successful by Minneapolis businessman Morris Chalfen, who bought into the small ice show in 1945 and turned it into an international sensation.

1944 photo provided by KERI PICKETT,

Also new to VOD: Minnesota 'Ice'

  • February 15, 2014 - 2:00 PM

“The Fabulous Ice Age,” documentarian Keri Pickett’s vivid visual history of figure skating shows, has come straight from New York’s Lincoln Center to Netflix’s streaming service. It’s a coup for Pickett, a graduate of Moorhead State University, and for Netflix, currently forced to compete with Winter Olympics coverage for sporting eyeballs.

The doc’s archival footage is spectacular, including that of Minnesota brothers Roy and Eddie Shipstad, whose hotel show with Oscar Johnson paved the way for the venerable Ice Follies.

Returning the local love, viewers at last year’s Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival gave “The Fabulous Ice Age” an audience award.

Rob Nelson

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