Vikings' Frazier hopes the Wilfs honor his contract

  • Blog Post by: Master Tesfatsion
  • December 29, 2013 - 5:05 PM

The Metrodome held its final event on Sunday but most of the chatter after the game revolved around head coach Leslie Frazier.

The 14-13 win over the Lions on Sunday could also mark the end of the Frazier era, but he hopes the Wifs will honor his contract, which expires after next season.

“I have a contract, our staff has a contract through 2014, and I hope that the Wilf family will honor that and give us a chance to come back next season and try to get our quarterback situation fixed, try to get the depth of our roster along with some other errors that need to be fixed,” Frazier said. “I hope they’ll give this staff the chance to finish what we’ve gotten started.”

Frazier said he’s not sure at the moment if there’s a plan to speak with the Wilfs on Monday. When asked if he’s received any clarification about his job status, Frazier avoided the question.

“Probably better to let the general manager [Rick Spielman] or the Wilfs answer that,” Frazier said. “They’ll voice their thoughts at some point, I would imagine.”

The Vikings finished 5-10-1 this season with a 4-3-1 record in the second half. There were rumors over the last few weeks about his job security and even a report about a possible firing on Monday just before the game.

“I don’t get concerned with reports about my job,” Frazier said. “I can’t control reports about my job. But I can control being able to prepare our football team to go out and play like they did today. That’s something under my control."

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