The CollectorsÌ Corner at the Science Museum of Minnesota gives kids a chance to bring in nature items and trade them for other items. -- St. Paul, Mn., Tues., June 13, 2000--(Left ) Kate Hintz, manager of the CollectorsÌ Corner at the Science Museum of Minnesota, looks over the rocks eight-year-old Rio Hart of Minneapolis brought in to eventually trade for a muskrat skull. (Hart is at far right. Beside Hart is six-year-old Keenan Lidral-Porter of Minneapolis. In the center of the photo is eight-year-old Brendan Lidral-Porter of Minneapolis.) By bringing in items from nature and explaining the items to a CollectorsÌ Corner staff member, kids can earn points which they can then trade in on an item in the Corner or bank in their account.

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Letter of the Day (June 30): A summer idea

  • June 29, 2013 - 5:36 PM

Most young people are enjoying a summer break and a vacation from schoolwork. This presents an excellent opportunity to invite a young person to accompany you to one of the many outstanding music, art, science, theater and history venues in the area. Taking a young person to a concert, science museum, historical site, art museum or a theatrical production is a win-win. You not only get to enjoy the excursion yourself, but you have a golden opportunity to enrich your young friend. We are the inheritors of a rich legacy of entertainment and knowledge that needs to be shared if it is going to survive. We cannot expect our schools to do this alone.

RITA JUHL, Minneapolis

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