Gardens are beautiful

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  • June 26, 2013 - 4:45 PM


Gardens are beautiful places.  Whether flowers, vegetables or lawn, gardens welcome visitors to stop and reflect.  This week, I’ve noticed many gardens in unusual spaces.


This garden is located on a co-workers desk.  It’s for contemplation and thought.  You’d be amazed at how many people pick up the rake and rearrange the stones.  Each time, the shape and style of the garden change. 

Watching golfers tee off gives reflection to how lucky they are to walk throughout the well-manicured gardens planned and tended by some of the best.  Sometimes that little white ball gets in the way of a lovely garden stroll.

As I was stopped in traffic this morning on 35W, I watch a hawk swoop down for a little breakfast on the roadside garden.  Some may say it’s green space, but if you find beauty.  It’s a garden.  That hawk was awesome.

Each year, we hold an annual “Beautiful Gardens” contest.  We enjoy looking at photos and hearing about the stories behind the garden.  What makes this garden beautiful?  Gardens are located anywhere in Minnesota and western Wisconsin – but they must be privately owned.  (So you can’t take photos of the banks of 35W!)   Here’s info on how you can enter your garden. 

Look for inner beauty in your garden -- your Mom’s or neighbors' gardens.  Nominate your favorite garden.   My own vegetable garden gives me pleasure each night I walk through the beds.  Certainly picking weeds as I go, but gazing at the tomato’s buds longing for a ripe red wonder to place on my plate.  I don't think a Beefsteak would win though!

Where’s your garden’s beauty?

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