8:10 a.m. update: Crowded on the Crosstown

  • Blog Post by: Tim Harlow
  • June 19, 2013 - 8:13 AM

The Crosstown in both directions has come to a crawl. An accident at Xerxes is slowing traffic heading west. Eastbound drivers can expect 15 minutes from Gleason Road over to 35W.

A new crash is adding to the backup on southbound I-94 heading into downtown Minneapolis. The wreck is at Plymouth Avenue with delays extending over to 35W.

Eastbound 94 continues to be a miserable drive. A crash at Huron Blvd. is adding to the delays. Plan on 30 minutes from downtown St. Paul to the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

The usual congestion is in place on 494 in both directions through Bloomington. It's 15 to 18 minutes from Hwy. 169 over to Cedar Avenue in both directions.


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