Governor Mark Dayton.

Glenn Stubbe, Star Tribune

Letter of the Day (May 2): Shakopee hecklers

  • May 1, 2013 - 9:13 PM

I am bemused that Gov. Mark Dayton would label the audience at the Shakopee “Meeting with Mark” forum crowd as acting “juvenile.”

Have our elected servants have lost touch with the anger of the taxpaying electorate? My federal and state government expect me to do much more with my shrinking portion of the pie.

Has the governor lost track that there may be creative ways to show leadership as a “steward” of the people’s tax money without name-calling?

The juvenile label serves no one. Sure, some can be rude or uncivil, but this implied understanding goes with the job. As one civil servant noted: If you are looking for a friend at the seat of government, get a dog.

The “juvenile” electorate may be the same customers who pay the (taxed) salaries of many of our out-of-touch public servants.

Roger Peet, Osseo

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