With snow on the way, Angels left Target Field in a hurry

  • Blog Post by: Phil Miller
  • April 17, 2013 - 9:26 PM

It took awhile for the rain to hit, but it's clear that the Twins would not have been able to finish their game with the Angels on Wednesday. Probably for the best that it was called off, amid a light mist, just before the scheduled first pitch.

Heavy snow is in the forecast for Thursday, too, so the Angels quickly packed up and left. They had to wait for their charter plane to arrive, but got out of town before the snowstorm hit.

So when will the game be made up? The scuttlebutt in the Angels' clubhouse was that Sept. 9 is the most likely date, when the Angels are on their way to Toronto for a series, and the Twins are in the middle of a nine-game homestand. That's the Twins' final off day of the season, and it would mean they would play on 24 consecutive days to the finish.

Choosing that date would technically violate the collective bargaining agreement, which limits teams to 20 consecutive days, so it still has to be negotiated with the players association. That's probably why no makeup date was announced Wednesday -- Major League Baseball and the union will likely have to examine the alternatives. But that rule has been broken before, and there aren't many options that are more palatable.

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