RandBall: Ten thoughts from Gophers taking down No. 1 Indiana

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • February 27, 2013 - 8:24 AM


Photo via @NadineBabu

Photo via @NadineBabu



What. A. Game. You saw it. You now it. So we won't waste any time. Let's dive into 10 things from the Gophers' 77-73 victory over Indiana at the Barn, the first time Minnesota has defeated a No. 1-ranked team in 24 years (Illinois on Jan. 26, 1989):

1) It's become a trend in college hoops and a bit of a cliche for fans to storm the court. But that one last night was legit and appropriate. Check out the awesome picture (above) by @NadineBabu. Pretty much says it all. Howard Sinker has assembled court-storming videos from last night as well.

2) Yesterday we listed five things the Gophers needed to do to beat Indiana. They nailed the last four, but the first -- shoot lights out -- went by the wayside. The Gophers were just 4 of 20 from three-point range, many of those shots being wide-open looks. That they defeated Indiana despite cold perimeter shooting is even more impressive.

3) Trevor Mbakwe. 21 points and 12 rebounds. A beast when he absolutely needed to be.

4) Elliott Eliason. 7 points and 5 rebounds. Those numbers don't jump off the page, but Eliason's points came in a bunch midway through the second half and absolutely turned the game around. Along with Maverick Ahanmisi (21 minutes, two big three-pointers), the Gophers had a bench that helped lead a win for one of the first times since the non-conference season.

5) Rodney Williams' blocked shot. One of the most amazing blocked shots we have ever seen.

6) The Gophers' RPI went from 17 to 15. Just as losses haven't hurt the RPI much, a big win doesn't make it go sky-high either.

7) However: This was the late-season signature win Minnesota desperately needed, and its NCAA tourney shape looks so much better now. Finish strong and the Gophers could even still get a decent seed. They have four wins over RPI top 25 teams (Indiana, Michigan State, Memphis and Wisconsin) with another one over No. 33 Illinois.

8) Does Tom Crean show his players how to pretend like they've been hit like an elbow in this video, shortly before an inbounds play that had to go to review before it was proven that Andre Hollins didn't even touch they guy? Very hard to tell without audio, but that wild elbow swinging motion is interesting.

9) Tons of former players, recruits, etc., weighed in on Twitter. Even Glen Perkins had to admit his Fire Tubby buyout fund was on hold.

10) How much fun was that? Just think about it again. That was legitimate, pure fun.

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