Gleeman And The Geek Ep 80: Driving Miss Aaron and Horseplay

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  • February 10, 2013 - 8:19 PM

Aaron and John talk about braving the blizzard in the name of podcasting, Anthony Swarzak's horseplay, Scott Diamond's setback, the Twins' pitching curse, Joe Saunders choosing "dollars and years" somewhere else, where the Twins' farm system ranks, reaching 500,000 downloads, bad mug shots, The Voice of Reason's evil twin, Lifetime Hockey's annual camp, and drinking vodka like water. Here are:

If you really want to learn something about the Twins this week, check out Jeremy Nygaard's interview withs Twins Scouting Supervisor Sean Johnson. It gives tremendous insight on the Twins fabled scouting network.



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