Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 75 - Reunited

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  • January 14, 2013 - 9:46 AM

John and Aaron are reunited to talk Minnesota Twins. But the podcast starts with the two catching up: John's trip, the death of Aaron's youth, John's Bar Mitzvah adventures, how Aaron picks up waitresses and how cricket teams could use a sabrmetric intervention. Then they move onto the Twins, catching up on the moves John missed, wondering how anyone can justify the Twins payroll and starting rotation, the disappointing Hall of Fame votes and the BBWAA's ongoing (an largely successful) struggle to make itself irrelevant. Here are:


Twinsfest is coming soon and spring training soon thereafter. That also means that Seth Stohs has released his Prospect Handbook in time for you to have it when you meet the minor leaguers at those autograph sessions (provided you order it soon). And if you want to help give feedback on your favorite prospect, vote in our Twins Daily prospect runoff. Today we're voting for the 3rd best prospect.

 We've talked a lot about Jack Morris over the last week, but this weekend marked an important date for another Twins legend. The Twins drafted Kirby Puckett in the January draft in 1981. Seth took a look back at that decision.


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