Partner yoga is a fun to keep fit.

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Try a new twist: Partner yoga

  • January 11, 2013 - 2:56 PM
Partnering up for a simple yoga session is a playful way to help keep your mind and body balanced. Even better, it doesn't require much setup, just a nonslip yoga mat and a wide open space. Shari Vilchez-Blatt, founder and director of New York City's Karma Kids Yoga studios for children and families, recommends getting started with these three poses.

"They offer loads of benefits, such as improved strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence," she said.

Tone your muscles and calm your minds with these simple stretches for two.

Sitting Seesaw: Sit on the floor face-to-face, and have a friend or family member (or child) stretch her legs along the inside of yours (or sit touching feet). Join hands and, keeping your backs straight, move your upper bodies back and forth in a seesaw motion. You should each feel a good stretch in the back of your legs.

L-Dog: Start on all fours facing opposite directions and touching feet. Along with your yoga pal, push up and straighten your legs, keeping your back flat and arms outstretched. Have your friend lift one foot at a time onto your backside, keeping her toes pointed. This pose strengthens the core and arms -- and it's a great confidence builder.

Sunbathing Rock: Kneeling, sit on your heels and bend forward so that your chest rests on your lap. Have your partner lie on your back, lining up her waist with yours (back to back). If her legs dangle, use your arms to hold her in place (or stretch your arms). This pose will open her chest, strengthening her posture, and lengthen your lower back, helping the muscles relax.


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