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  • Blog Post by: Laurie Hertzel
  • January 2, 2013 - 2:19 PM



Is there irony in the fact that an author who is promising to hand-write one letter a day in 2013 is using the Internet to get the word out?  Of course there is, but let's put irony aside and instead rejoice at the idea. I repeat: hand-written letters. Pen to paper. Sent to anyone--you, me, anyone--who requests one. Up to 365 people, I assume.


Randy Osborne.

Randy Osborne.

Randy Osborne is an Atlanta, Georgia, writer and storyteller, and he has experimented with other unconventional literary projects before--in particular, "Narrative Urge,"  the literary mystery I wrote about a year ago after receiving in the mail an anonymous envelope which contained a clue written as a haiku, a snippet of writing, and $10.

 Osborne also published a story called "Missed Connections" through daily ads posted on Craigslist (until he was blocked for repeated postings; then the project moved to

He announced his Letter a Day project on the Narrative Urge Facebook page, promising, "handwritten, not-very-good penmanship (but legible, I think) letters on actual paper. ... You will receive an original, somewhat newsy, most likely meandering but sincere letter, such as you might once upon a time have gotten from a person who was not a stranger to you."

All you have to do is ask. You can contact Randy Osborne via his Facebook page, or through his Web page.

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