Opening Belz, Dec. 10

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  • December 10, 2012 - 11:01 AM

Joseph Kabila’s buddy Dan Gertler earns billions in ravaged Congo – Bloomberg
After cancer relapse, Hugo Chavez names successor in Venezuela – WSJ
Intelligence agencies admit Chinese economy will overcome U.S. in two decades – Reuters
Ford submits demolition plan for shuttered St. Paul factory – Pioneer Press
Girl overcomes dim prospects in blue-collar New Castle, Penn. – Washington Post
Minneapolis ad agency adjusts to life after Target – StarTribune
For some, Google+ paves over paradise to put up a parking lot – Buzzfeed
Samsung started in 1938 exporting dried Korean fish – Washington Post
That deadly fire in Bangladesh? Those workers were making clothes for you – NY Times
You, too, can try to balance the federal budget! – WSJ

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