A Bay Area view: 'Beaten by a team that's not as good'

  • Blog Post by: Howard Sinker
  • September 24, 2012 - 9:15 AM

Let's get right to it. Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News said the 49ers were stunning in how flat they were in losing to the Vikings:

"The truth is, no team in the NFL is the greatest team of all time after just two weeks. And no team in this era goes undefeated, either. As the 49ers proved Sunday conclusively, in Week 3. The surprise, really, was in the exact way the 49ers decided to go non-undefeated. Simply put, they showed up here at the Mall of America Field and decided to go shopping at Flatness R Us. That sort of flatness has happened so seldom under coach Jim Harbaugh, it was rather stunning.

Go here for the rest of Purdy's column.

The San Francisco Chronicle's 49ers blog offered 10 postgame impressions, including one about the use of Randy Moss:

"Going to Randy Moss, the former Viking, was a mistake. The 49ers tried to get the ball to him early, but he only caught three of six passes thrown his way for 27 yards. Those were plays that could have gone to Frank Gore and the running game. The chemistry with Alex Smith is clearly not there and it’s not all Moss’ fault. Smith had him open at the goal line in the first half and overthrew him."

Here's the rest of that post.

The San Francisco edition of Bleacher Report decided to distribute the blame for "the embarrassing loss" to the Vikings here.

The Mercury News offered this review of Randy Moss' day at the Metrodome, saying that he barely made a peep.

And in case you didn't see Moss' response to his question about playing time on the Star Tribune video, here's the answer in The Sacramento Bee's 49ers blog.

And finally, this video from the CSN Bay Area duo of Matt and Mandi, headlined "49ers beaten by a team that's not as good."

Enjoy, Vikings fans.

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