Chart: Leslie Frazier's rookie mistakes

  • August 18, 2012 - 7:30 PM
Moments from 2011 that Leslie Frazier might have wanted back:

Week 2: Bungled his clock management during the final three minutes of a 24-20 loss to Tampa Bay.

Week 3: Called Toby Gerhart's number on fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter instead of Adrian Peterson's, creating more frustration during a 26-23 overtime loss to the Lions.

Week 12: Failure to call for a replay review of a Percy Harvin run that should have been ruled a touchdown proved costly in a 24-14 loss in Atlanta.

Week 13: Unwillingness to let the Broncos walk in for a TD in the final minute instead allowed Denver to run the clock down and boot a gimme 23-yard tiebreaking field goal as time expired.


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