Chef Lenny Russo prepares tasty plates using only the freshest ingredients from local farms.

Tom Wallace, Star Tribune

Champion of local food: Lenny Russo

  • May 9, 2012 - 1:19 PM

Those menus that list the names of farms supplying the kitchen? You won’t find one at Heartland Restaurant & Farm Direct Market, because chronicling chef/co-owner Lenny Russo’s staggering supply chain would fill a smallish encyclopedia. Instead, just take a look around. His vast — and vastly impressive — Lowertown command center (dining room, lounge, deli counter, workrooms, chef’s tables, open kitchen and more) pretty much says what he doesn’t commit to print. This urban-rural nexus was built on Russo’s unwavering and visionary commitment to the goodness, the rightness and, yes, the economic sensibility of locally sourced foods.

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