"11 Trophy Flathead Report and Getting Ready!

  • Blog Post by: Brian Klawitter
  • August 8, 2011 - 10:52 PM

Sherry Jerry of Hudson WI

Sherry Jerry of Hudson WI

It started off a bit later than normal with the high cold water of the Mississippi this spring.  About the time we thought the water temps would kick the flatheads into high gear, the storms would come dumping inches of cold water into Old Man River and the temps would drop and the levels would rise. Once the water temperatures did hit the magical 70 degrees it turned out to be a very nice year for catching and releasing the monsters of the Mississippi!  It did seem like at least one night of the weekend we canceled a trip because of lightening storm. But that’s Minnesota!


The last few weeks we’ve enjoyed what every Flathead Fisherman waits all year for,  high 70 to 80 degree nights.  Hot when we’re sitting at the launch, comfortable boating to our fishing locations, pleasant while waiting for a cat to bite the bullhead that many would rather clean for dinner than use for bait and a fantastic ride back to the dock with only a tee shirt style shirt and an inflatable life jacket on.  Not a ripple to be found in the reflection of the moon on the water.  These are the nights that were made for the Trophy Flathead Cat Fisherman! 


But now it’s August.  Some cat fishing folks will turn toward the smaller but just as productive Minnesota River as the water levels decrease, others with start getting ready for hunting season.  For me, August is normally the boat and wife maintenance month before our St Croix River Lake Sturgeon Season starts on Sept 4th.


Many folks still are not aware of this Trophy Fishery right next to the Metro area. Catching a dinosaur that could be as old as you are or older is a tribute to what our MN/WI DNR’s have done on this border water.  The best part is that the fishery is getting better and better each year!


Imagine having the chance to hook into a 20, 30, 40 or even 50-pound Lake Sturgeon and have your stout rod bent over the side of the boat. All you can do is hang on while the brute has her way with you.  Possibly come out of 30 feet of water, go air borne to take a look at you and head back down to 30 feet all in the time you can say “WooooHooo!!”  What other fresh water fish can actually lead you around your boat?


Many people ask me which I like better Lake Sturgeon or Flathead fishing. Both are so much the same but different so that’s why I do both I guess!


Would you like to try Lake Sturgeon fishing this fall but are unsure of what you need? Shoot me an email and I'll be glad to get you started!


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