Simpsons does Pixar

  • Blog Post by: James Lileks
  • February 21, 2011 - 1:01 PM

 Needs some John Ratzenbeger, but otherwise, not a bad parody. The tone's right, the "leaving the kitchen" line echoes so many Pixar plots, and even the music has that Randy-Newman western feel:



(Forgive the sloppy trim at the end; it's hard to be precise with a trackpad) They also took a whack at Wallace and Gromit, and nailed it nicely.  



Haven’t watched the Simpsons in a long time, but I remember Angry Dad: that was the subject of a parody during the dot-com boom about a decade ago.

 Thanks to, which notes “It’s not often that the visuals in The Simpsons, always intentionally, artfully crummy, top the verbal humor, usually intentionally wittier than the visuals.” Eh? The art hasn’t been intentionally crummy in a long time. If anything, long-time fans lament how clean it’s become, compared to the squiggly, loose-lined early years.

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