There was still a faint smell of roasted turkey in my house when I left this morning. Wish there was some left. But a day after much eating and watching football on the tube, it's time for some LIVE action and press box food.

I'm here at the Dome, ready to cover this year's Nine-Man and Class 1A state championship football games to kick off Prep Bowl XXVIII. John Millea is already in the house as well. He's in for the long-haul; he'll still be around for tonight's Class 5A state championship, scheduled for a 7 p.m. kickoff. We'll see about that ...

But for now, we're on time. Nicollet's team - all 23 members - is already on the field stretching. Twenty-three ... I think Eden Prairie had that many cheerleaders here last week for the semifinals.

No sign of Stephen-Argyle yet, but have no fear I am sure they are here. Plenty of Storm fans are here, anyway.

Also in attendance today: My dad, who is visiting from that wonderful state to the East for the long holiday weekend. He'll be witnessing Nine-Man football for the first time. He asked me the difference, and as I stated so eloquently on our Prep Videocast last week, I told him the teams play with nine players, not 11. Wow - now that's insightful, eh?

We're about 40 minutes from kickoff. Check back here for updates on all of this year's championships, both today and tomorrow. I'll also post score updates on Twitter. Follow me on