Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow uttered a prayer of thanks following the team’s “miracle victory” over the Steelers last night. But he’s not the only one furiously caught up in seeking divine intervention for a game win.

College football fans (particularly Alabama and LSU) are also doing some heavy-duty praying of their own leading up to the BCS National Championship game tonight between the two SEC rivals.

Indeed, it's no secret that for many fans in the South, football attracts about as much reverence and devotion as religion.

In south Louisiana especially, which is predominantly Catholic, churches are getting involved in the pre-game excitement — considering the game will be played in the Superdome in New Orleans.

“We know those prayers are out there for sure,” said Mike Norwood, vice president of WPYR, “Baton Rouge’s Catholic Radio.” “Our priest yesterday during mass mentioned the game tonight. He tied it into the gospel, somewhat.”

Norwood said the station also posted a note on its Facebook page for people to call the “Prayer Line” with any prayer requests for tonight’s game.

Catholic Charities with the Archdiocese of New Orleans got into the action as well, raffling off a pair of tickets to the BCS championship game. Proceeds benefit the work of the charitable group.

So who will you be routing (praying?) to win in tonight’s game?