A power outage late Saturday left some Minnesota Wild fans in south Minneapolis on the edge of their seats.

Xcel Energy reported more than 4,000 customers lost power shortly before Minnesota's game against the Colorado Avalanche was about to go to overtime tied 3-3.

In a double rub for the Wild fans in the dark, the game ended only a few minutes into overtime as Nathan MacKinnon's goal won it for Colorado and has Minnesota playing for its survival.

"Big power outage in south Minneapolis causes me to miss the end of the game," Bianca Jones tweeted Saturday.

Later, Jones said when the lights went out near 45th Street and 1st Avenue S., she cursed a lot, got into a car and listened to the rest of the game there. "Needless to say, we didn't miss much," she said.

Dan Vogel equated the loss with the "instant power outage" in south Minneapolis, according to his Twitter feed. Once the lights went out near him, he looked outside and saw darkness all around where he and his fiancée in the Bryant neighborhood. So they lit a few candles, talked and then headed to bed.

Patti Nystuen of Xcel Energy said the power was knocked out by a car that hit a pole near 38th Street and 5th Avenue S. It was expected to be fully restored by 1:15 a.m. Sunday. A couple thousand had power before that, Xcel said.

As for the Wild, it takes on Colorado in Game 6 at 8 p.m. Monday at … the Xcel Energy Center.