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The word on Kelliher ads: coming, just wait

Posted by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger under Minnesota campaigns, Minnesota governor Updated: June 30, 2010 - 4:22 PM

Dayton's done it three times. Entenza did it for the fifth time Wednesday. But Kelliher? Not yet.

DFL candidate for governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher is the only one of the three major Democrats vying in an August primary who has yet to run television ads.

"We are going up after the 4th of July," Kelliher spokesman Matt Swenson said Wednesday. When pointed out to him that "after the 4th of July" could mean anything between today and Aug. 9, Swenson declined to offer any more specifics.

Swenson said that the campaign hadn't yet bought air time but would run ads statewide.

Dayton's latest two ads are here.

Entenza, who has long run campaign ads and has spent significant resources to get his message out, released his fifth ad Wednesday.

The new ad focuses on education and features, for the first time, the visage of his running mate -- Robyne Robinson. (Robinson voiced a previous ad.) Entenza's ad on education is not unexpected. He held a news conference on the subject earlier this month, then released a mailer on it and now is spreading the word on the air.

Here's the ad:


Here's the transcript and the images:

Matt walks in to an empty classroom
Matt SYNC: Everything I’ve been able to achieve, I owe to a Minnesota classroom like this one and the teachers who pushed me.
Robyne steps into frame. 
Robyne SYNC: And as the daughter of two teachers, I know how important education is for Minnesota’s future.
Girl Reading
Standardized Test
Matt VO: Our plan starts with scrapping No Child Left Behind.
Girl taking Standardized Test
Robyne VO: So instead of teaching to a test –
Teacher with Students
Girl writing
Teach to child’s potential teachers can teach to every child’s potential.
Matt & Robyne with Students
Matt VO: Make sure money goes into the classroom.
Teacher helping Student
Robyne: And invest in excellent teaching.
Cut to Matt and Robyne in classroom. 
Matt SYNC: Making Minnesota great again starts right here.


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