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Pawlenty's book: "Courage to Stand"

Posted by: under Gov. Tim Pawlenty Updated: August 23, 2010 - 3:48 PM

Gov. Tim Pawlenty courageously squints into the future in the cover photo his publisher uses to promote his upcoming book, "Courage to Stand." 

The governor, who may be squinting into a 2012 run for president, has penned (or had ghost-penned) the bio book to be published by Tyndale House Publishers. It is due out on the easy to remember date of 1/11/11.


Pawlenty has oft said that he would decide on whether he will run for president early next year.

Here's what he said the book would be about, back in May:

Reporter: What will it be about?
Pawlenty: Along the way, I’ve been at this a while…You learn some things, you observe some things in terms of leadership, in terms of service, in terms of people, in terms of policy and issues. As I see it, and it hasn’t been written yet, I’m just giving a very advance sense…it is just reflections, lessons learned along the way …Using some of the things that I’ve encountered as a way to share those lessons.

His bio on the Tyndale site makes some interesting claims about his leadership, including his sentence: "Pawlenty has often fought uphill battles as a Republican governor in a very Democratic state."

The claim that Minnesota is a "very Democratic state" is debatable. The DFL hasn't elected a governor for more than two decades, Republican former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman was elected in 2002 and only lost re-election by 312 votes two years ago, and many Minnesotans think of the state as more purple, than deep blue. But, "Pawlenty has often fought uphill battles as a Republican governor in a very Democratic state" has a better ring than "Pawlenty has often fought uphill battles as a Republican governor in a politically mixed state that votes for Republicans sometimes and Democrats sometimes and even elected third party Gov. Jesse Ventura."


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