The Minnesota State Capitol in the evening sun.

Bills in Minnesota Legislature, copied from other states

From abortion to paid sick leave to school choice, legislators use prewritten bills, lifting full paragraphs written by political and religious groups.

Minnesota recreational pot push focuses on economic benefits

July 20
A recently formed political committee will try to make the economic case for legalizing recreational marijuana in Minnesota.

Nation's largest feminist organization gathers in Bloomington

President Donald Trump walks to Marine One at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, N.J., on July 19, 2019. The president has made branding Demo

For decades, Trump has used race to help him achieve his goals

The president employs an old tactic: using race for gain.

Some Alaskans feeling pain of Medicaid dental cuts

Budget vetoes by Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy eliminated Medicaid dental coverage for adults — a $27 million cut that is having an impact.

Report: At least 14 Alaska cities have officers with records

At least 14 cities in Alaska have employed police officers whose criminal records should have prevented them from being hired under state law, the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica reported Saturday.

White man denies saying 'Go back where you came from'

A white man has admitted cursing at a pregnant black Georgia lawmaker for taking too many items into a supermarket express lane but denies telling her, "go back where you came from."

Gulf tanker incidents may raise shippers' costs, cut traffic

Seizures of oil tankers and other hostile Iranian measures in the Strait of Hormuz are already raising insurance rates for shipping companies and could eventually…

Mueller's testimony poses risk for Trump, but also Democrats

Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress will depend not so much on what he says, but that he's even saying it at all.

Mueller hearings a make-or-break moment for Democrats?

TV hearings their chance to revive public interest in Trump-Russia linkage.

Some asylum seekers forced to wait in Mexico help each other

A small group of asylum seekers sit under a canopy on the side of a road leading into the United States, chatting to pass the time as a blazing desert sun pushes the heat into triple digits and fumes roll in from dozens of cars lined up to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Police: Body in car was dead before Alabama officer fired

Police in west Alabama say a person whose body was found after a police shooting was dead before the officers fired.

Artists withdraw from NYC museum show over tear gas link

Seven artists have asked New York City's Whitney Museum to remove their work from its biennial showcase of American art over a museum board member's ties to the sale of law enforcement supplies including tear gas.

ESPN reasserts political talk policy after attack on Trump

ESPN is reminding employees of the network's policy to avoid talking about politics after radio talk show host Dan Le Batard criticized President Donald Trump and his recent racist comments and ESPN itself on the air this week.

Iran's poking at West heightens risks of military missteps

Rather than tangle with a stronger U.S. military, Iran is poking and prodding its Western antagonists in ways apparently designed to avoid triggering war but that nonetheless seem to heighten the risk of missteps and miscalculation that could lead to an armed conflict with global consequences.

Trump develops the art of disavowing the disavowal

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Friday demonstrated the limited influence of allies or advisers who try to steer him away from pre-election racial…

Virginia lawmakers spar on reported Trump visit to Jamestown

Virginia lawmakers are sparring after a report that President Donald Trump will attend the 400th anniversary celebration of the first meeting of the state's legislative body in Jamestown.

Poet dropped for laureate job says criticism of poem 'silly'

The man whose nomination to become New Hampshire's next poet laureate was withdrawn amid growing criticism of a sexually suggestive poem about former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says he doubts people have even read it.

Trump's 'go back' remark: In workplace, it might be illegal

President Donald Trump's suggestion that four activist Democratic congresswomen of color "go back" to countries "from which they came" has excited some in his political base. Yet in many of America's workplaces and institutions, the same language would be unacceptable and possibly illegal.

Protest decries plan to detain migrant kids at Oklahoma base

More than 100 demonstrators protested Saturday in withering heat outside an Oklahoma Army base against the Trump administration's plans to detain migrant children there.
Gov. Walz’s longtime aide and chief of staff Chris Schmitter got a taste of managing people — and crises — in recent weeks.

For Gov. Tim Walz's chief of staff, a crash course in crisis management

The headline of our daily e-mail politics newsletter asked a rhetorical question last week. Enjoying your new job, Chris Schmitter? we asked. Schmitter is the…

Native Hawaiians say telescope represents bigger struggle

Walter Ritte has been fighting for decades to protect Native Hawaiian rights, inspiring a new generation of activists trying to stop construction of a giant telescope they see as representative of a bigger struggle.

Lawmaker insists that slavery came from economics not racism

A Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire is standing by comments made on social media that slavery was motivated by economics rather than racism, even as he was criticized by his own party.