Prince is a music legend, but Rosa Bogar, an educator, wants him also to be remembered as a resilient student at Central High School.

Prince graduated in 1976 from the south Minneapolis school, where he played basketball and was involved in music. The school no longer exists, but Green Central Park Elementary School sits were Central once stood.

On Tuesday, Prince’s 58th birthday, Bogar will present a purple plaque to the school commemorating Prince’s life.

“He touched the world,” Bogar said. “A lot of young people will be inspired by that.”

The plaque bears Prince’s emblem and reads, in part, “Let us keep the legacy of Prince alive,” and notes his “passion for music and sports.”

“The plaque is magical because it almost looks like a mirror,” Bogar said. “It gives you a sense of connection and reflection of the life of Prince and how he can live through you.”

The plaque also recognizes Prince’s time on the city’s North Side when he was a child. Bogar asked that the plaque read “Northsider forever.”

Bogar, who worked at Green Central, said she watched as Minneapolis celebrated Prince’s life after his death, but no event recognized him as a student, so Bogar took it upon herself to recognize Prince at Green Central.

She will present the plaque to the school’s principal Tuesday, which is the last day of school. Bogar said she hopes the piece will be displayed prominently.

Alejandra Matos