Texan Bob PerryGov. Tim Pawlenty played courier for Texas Republican donor Bob Perry, the man behind the anti-John Kerry swiftboat ads and Minnesota ads against a former Pawlenty rival.

"The donor's name was Bob Perry and he was somebody I was visiting in Texas on behalf of the Republican Governors Association and he noted that I was going to Alabama and asked if I would bring them a check so I said I would," Pawlenty said Tuesday.

Pawlenty delivered the $100,000 check from Perry during his visit to the Alabama Republican Party last week.

Pawlenty said he also raised money for his political action committee, called Freedom First PAC, during the Texas visit last month. (Pawlenty's political spokesman didn't disclose any details about the Texas visit earlier.)

Pawlenty said it was the same Perry who gave to the Stronger America campaign that contributed heavily to an anti-Mike Hatch ad blitz in 2006, when the former Democratic Attorney General was campaigning to unseat Pawlenty in 2006.

"It's the same Bob Perry that's been a previous donor to the Alabama Republican Party as I understand it, they asked for the contribution. I was there on behalf of the RGA in my capacity as vice chair of the RGA and he said, 'Look, they've asked me to give this contribution, would you deliver it to them?' and I said, 'Sure,'" Pawlenty said.

Pawlenty said he wasn't in possession other checks to deliver to other Republican organizations.

"I would love to deliver other checks...but this one was just a coincidence," Pawlenty said.


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