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Myisha Holley
January 9
Charter school students held signs as they joined leaders of the quality choice school movement in 2011.

Counterpoint: My kids are 'actual students' and charter schools serve them best

We all have a lot of work to do to make our education system better. But working against each other helps no one.
Mary Mitchell Lundeen, Shelly Hedstrom and Judy Klein-Pells
January 9
Teachers should be encouraged to use, and later fade, appropriate amounts of physical guidance; just as we do in any developmental task young children

We fail students with rules against behavior intervention that involves physical contact

Interpretations against laying a finger on them are turning classrooms into chaos.
Eric Harris Bernstein and Ben Spielberg
January 9
Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg have attacked the Medicare for All concept by saying it will raise middle-class taxes.

Democrats say they won't raise taxes on the middle class. But they should.

We need such taxes to pay for the things we want government to do.
Thomas L. Friedman
January 9
President Donald Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, met with senior White House advisers in the Situation Room on Tuesday.

Thomas L. Friedman: The dominant resource of this century will be data, not oil

So did Trump and Iran just bury the hatchet, or the future?
January 8
A cheeseburger made with a Beyond Meat patty.

The beef industry is threatened by plant-based meat

Burger alternatives have evolved and taste better.
Opinion Exchange
January 8
President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday on the strike Iran launched against Iraqi air bases housing U.S. troops.

Roundup: A mix of uncertainties in Trump-Iran standoff

Across the nation, people are trying to predict what will happen next. Here is what some are saying:
January 8
President Donald Trump arrived to address the nation about the ballistic missile strike that Iran launched Wednesday against Iraqi air bases housing U

Trump's address: At a key moment, insinuations about Obama

Did the previous president's action's help fund Tehran's attacks? It's not that simple.
Noah Feldman
January 8
A police officer stood guard on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington.

The Supreme Court's past decade may have been liberals' last gasp

The next decade will likely see a turn to the right grow sharper.
Noah Feldman
January 8
John Bolton, then national security adviser, in July 2019. Bolton says he’s “prepared to testify” in Senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed.

John Bolton is bluffing

One suspects that he wishes to seem willing to testify without having to actually appear.
January 8
Harvey Weinstein, 67, arrived at court for jury selection in his sexual assault trial on Wednesday in New York.

Is Harvey Weinstein's walker a medical aid or theatrical prop?

For disgraced wealthy men in court, the goal isn't relatability, but a powerful overcorrection to their own power.
January 7

The high price of inaction on climate change

Events such as the fires in Australia are more common, more devastating.
Bruce Peterson
January 7
Like dogs, we evolved from more aggressive ancestors. But that’s not the whole story, the author writes.

We mustn't be naive about evolution

Human nature is something we must overcome, and we can easily turn from working together to "every man for himself."
Mark Osler
January 7
Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor was charged by Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in the 2017 death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond. He w

Counterpoint: Grand juries aren't a check on prosecutors' power

In practice, they simply conceal the decisions of the prosecutor.
Steve Chapman
January 7
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the opposite of the man currently in the White House, and she has Midwestern charm that helps

Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman: For something completely different — Amy Klobuchar

Americans often vote for the opposite of what they have. In that case, we should look to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who offers a calm respite from the last four years.
Cass R. Sunstein
January 7
Suppose an oil company proposes to give money to a climate researcher …

Hate the donor, love the donation

The case for accepting money from unappealing sources.
January 7
Volunteers in Fargo helped a woman dig out her parked car in December after it was blocked by snow from a plow.

You've got to love winter. If you don't, you're doing it wrong.

As most Americans apparently are. (A dispatch from the Washington Post writer who fell in love with northwestern Minnesota.)
David Leonhardt
January 6

David Leonhardt of the New York Times: Klobuchar is the everywoman who can reunite the U.S.

The senator is perfectly in the middle, which, if we're looking for someone who can beat President Trump, is exactly what the country needs.
Thomas L. Friedman
January 6
Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force, in 2016. A U.S. airstrike that killed the prominent Iranian general in Baghdad last week.

Thomas L. Friedman: Trump killed Iran's most overrated warrior

An assessment of Soleimani's failures — and of how politics plays out in the Middle East.
Jackie Schneider
January 6
Photo illustration.

What to know about cyberattacks

Iran can use them against the U.S. That's not nearly as bad as it sounds.
Charles M. Blow
January 6
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden waited to take the podium during a campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa, on Friday. He spoke about the American

Fortunes in presidential campaigns turn on unexpected crises

A solid, well-rounded candidate should be capable of responding.
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