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Arbitration win rate for fired cops, if you stop to think about it, is high

Nearly half of fired cops are reinstated. That's not alarming?
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Rash Report: Women's sports soar in 'Maiden' and World Cup

New documentary on the first female crew in a round-the-world race and soccer team's win give context to ongoing fight for equality.
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How cities raise money in modern-era Minnesota

Things aren't as rough as they were, but the state-local partnership needs a tuneup.
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Rash Report: The geopolitics of the G-20 — and the D-20 — agendas

The formal agenda at the summit of world leaders in Osaka and the top topics at the Democratic candidate debates in Miami were revealing.
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Rash Report: 'Peace,' remembrance of the Korean War

In Korea, a lifetime's uneasy truce hasn't erased hopes for a true end to hostilities or reduced the importance of America's role.
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On clean energy, 'just say no' is turning into a political no-no

It's a good way to lose elections, based on the evidence from, say, western Minnesota.
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Why my shocking fender bill might be a good thing for the economy

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A worthy reprint for a distinctive thinker

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In Minnesota, a hair more freedom at last

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Diamonds are a boy's best friend

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The Rash Report: Did you hear the one about the Ukrainian election?

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April 28

When does a horrible mistake become a crime?

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