Mining and the BWCA: Not this location

The Star Tribune Editorial Board has taken the position that the Twin Metals copper-nickel mining project near the BWCA should not proceed. That editorial and others leading up to it are collected here. Responses will be added as they are published.

Twin Metals land looking down Birch Lake: Aerial view of Birch Lake showing the land that would become an underground mine (left) and additional land

Twin Metals proposal: Not this mine. Not this location.

The proposed Twin Metals copper-nickel mine near Ely unambiguously threatens the waters of the BWCA and beyond. Evidence that regulatory processes can help matters has grown slim.

Courses of action: How to protect the Boundary Waters

November 23, 2019
Leaders in both St. Paul and Washington have options.

Editorial counterpoint from Twin Metals: Let the mine permit process work

November 30, 2019
Why not let Minnesotans learn whether the project stands up to scrutiny?

Federal bill offers critical BWCA protection from mining

January 17, 2020
Rep. McCollum wants to ensure future generations will enjoy state's fragile wilderness.

Readers Write: Twin Metals mine and the BWCA, a Christmas list for politicians

December 6, 2019
Minnesota can't even protect its non-wilderness waters.

Readers Write: Praise, criticism for Twin Metals editorial, plus an alternative

November 30, 2019
Plus: EPA policy on water, and hunting genetically enhanced animals.

Concerns about Twin Metals shouldn't take back seat to PolyMet

September 27, 2019
Proposed copper-nickel mine will use new waste storage method. But is it safe for the BWCA?

It's up to Gov. Walz to end secrecy over Twin Metals mine

August 23, 2019
State is not powerless as feds keep wraps on study of risks to BWCA.

Sonny Perdue owes Minnesotans an explanation during visit

August 7, 2019
Why can't the public see the science it paid for?

Why the Trump administration secrecy on BWCA mining study?

May 24, 2019
Imperious response from administration should prompt state congressional delegation to act.

End the secrecy and release federal BWCA study

April 13, 2019
Keeping the data and analysis under wraps suggests there is something to hide.

Add time for public input on Twin Metals project

February 5, 2019
Federal agency makes it seem citizen input isn't wanted on mining.
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