honoring your loved ones

Vincent R. Lewis

3/30/17 - 1/21/07

Ten years ago, a goodbye frozen in time. The everyday heartbreak of missing you is eased with the joy of so many wonderful memories. Thank you for our lives and the meaning you gave them. You filled our hearts. Now you fill our souls. Your presence is always so near, the brightest of light, forever guiding us. Be at Peace in God's grace, love and promised blessings. You are always missed and forever loved. See you at the Cross. Love you, "A Whole Big Bunch." Carol and grandchildren, Derek, Jenn, and Sara.

  • Published on 01/22/2017

Harry Francis LePan

April 8, 1936 - Jan. 22, 2014

It's been 3 long, lonely years but your smile, spirit and love are with me always. I'll love you forever. Love, Peggy

  • Published on 01/22/2017

Trevor Patrick McGurran

11/7/1989 - 1/20/2013

A special person, someone we love and can't replace, never selfish, always kind. These are the memories you left behind. It has been 4 years and we love and miss you every day. Love Always & Forever, Mom & Dad

  • Published on 01/22/2017


7/4/67 - 1/21/10

Your spirit lives on in all of us. Your family and friends

  • Published on 01/21/2017

Gene Claflin

12/8/1927 - 1/21/2013

Gone four years, still loved and very much missed. Family

  • Published on 01/21/2017

Barbara E. Johnson

1/21/1947 - 7/28/2012

In loving memory of a much loved and missed partner, mother and mormor. Our hearts are still full of love and precious memories.

  • Published on 01/21/2017


2/17/1988 - 1/20/2011

Jaclyn, 2011 forever; thanks for being Peter Pan in a dress. Daily something occurs you would've gotten a kick out of, your giggles are heard with a smile. You really went after life with vigor, drive and fun. Love L.A.? Get accepted into Cal Arts. Love music? Clearly you become a weekly critic on a music website. Want to be a filmmaker? Obviously local renowned actors will do it for free. Want to be a better writer? Get a U of M Journalism Degree, duh. So many have written of your inspiration, compassion and fun spirit. On our annual trip to LA, looking for signs, seems like both the little girl waiting on Disney and the young lady ready to hit vintage shops is editing. Daily loved and missed

  • Published on 01/20/2017

Brian (Santa) Olson

11/24/39 - 1/17/12

Sadly missed, lovingly remembered. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.

  • Published on 01/17/2017

Dorothy (Grubich) Devereaux

Oct. 14, 1915 - Jan. 17, 2011

It's been six years since you left us and joined Mom, Dad and Rosa. We think of you every day and miss you so much. Love, your sisters, Bee and Melva

  • Published on 01/17/2017

Cyndi Marie Tschurl

1/15/1957 - 7/13/2010

Cyndi Marie Tschurl (Nee Dayton-Jaggars) 1/15/1957 - 7/13/2010 Loved you then, love you still. Always have, always will.

  • Published on 01/15/2017