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Ellen Esther Arolin Ahlm

1929 - 2017

In Grateful Remembrance of My Mother. Mom came from a large family emigrating from Finland. She was young when she married and had me, yet she handled her responsibilities brilliantly. She cared for my needs and supported me in whatever I did, and continued to encourage me throughout her lifetime. I admired her for her energy, positive outlook, and great sense of humor. She was kind and engaging with everyone she met. In Mom's early years as a wife and mother, many women didn't work outside the home. She and her friends would often invite each other over for coffee. She would make some wonderful dessert and set the table with her best table d├ęcor. Impressed by it all, I wanted her to set our dinner table that way tooshe taught me to do it. Mom loved to refinish furniture and restore old things to their former beauty. She was creative and artistic in many things, but particularly in decorating our homes. Eventually, Mom chose to work part time. On occasion she would take me to her workplace and introduce me to her co-workers. We'd have lunch and talk about their lives, and it was clear that they all loved and appreciated her. There is much to celebrate about Mom, but best of all were her faith in God and her absolute trust in His Word. Based on God's Word, I have confidence that I will see her again one day! With much love, Connie Ahlm Pratt

Wayne Anderson

Happy 80th And 10th Anniversary In Heaven Missing You. Your Family

Bernard F. Austin

4-6-1933 - 11-25-2015

Today, tomorrow and always we will love and miss you. Your loving family


11/29/1935 - 11/25/2009

We will always love & miss you. Laura, Linda, Bob, Hannah & Holly

Melva Grubich Blaska

Dec. 16, 1917 - Dec. 16, 2017

Melva Grubich Blaska Dec. 16, 1917 to Dec. 16, 2017 Mel, It is your 100th birthday today. I'm glad you're with Mom and Dad, Dorothy, Rosa, Dave and Henry to celebrate with. I miss you, your sister, Bee

Lanny Braasch

June 8, 1959 - Dec. 13, 2007

You are missed every day and though you've been gone 10 years you live on in our hearts. Until we meet again, little bro, we're still holding your hand. Love you forever, Becky and Cathy

Timothy Cavanaugh

November 22, 2014

Tim is greatly missed. He had a very giving heart and huge sense of humor. He will be loved and missed forever. Love, Mom and Family.

Donald Churilla

Nov. 22, 1929 - Nov. 21, 2015

We miss your smile, we miss your laugh, we miss your presence. Happy Birthday! We love you, Your Family.

Paul Wesley Corrow

1/23/1973 - 12/13/1997

Twenty years have passed since we had dinner that night in Dallas and when we parted you said, "I love you Dad"...in turn I responded "I love you too Paul." I still remember the warmth of your hug on that cold winter night which was our last time together on this earth. I miss your exceptional gentle nature, your incredible musical talent, your dark black hair and your little boy smile. When I allow myself to grieve for you I'm comforted by the lyrics of a song long forgotten by most "BLACK VELVET" by Alannah Myles which captures the essence of your music and your amazing talent! You are incredibly Missed & Loved...Dad


9/27/1937 - 12/17/2007

A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best. Merry Christmas, Love, family and friends.