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Happy Heavenly Birthday We love and miss you very much Forever in our hearts, not forgotten Love, Mike, Tim, Todd and Kris

  • Published on 09/23/2017

Mary Jane LaCombe

5/14/1934 - 9/23/2013

MARY JANE LACOMB 5/14/1934 - 9/23/2013 It's been four years since our beautiful Mary Jane went to heaven. She is still much missed by her kids, grandkids, and all of those who knew her. I love you forever sweetheart. Vern

  • Published on 09/23/2017

Craig Nelson

12/27/67 - 09/23/12

Love you and miss you very much. Your family

  • Published on 09/23/2017

In Loving Memory of

Jonathan S. Hedlund

12/2/1984 - 9/22/2003

Dear Jonathan, Missing you. We think about you always. We think about you still. You have never been forgotten and you never will. We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain. To walk with us throughout our life until we meet again. Love Mom, Dad and all those who love and miss you.

  • Published on 09/22/2017

John Pappas


On this 10th Anniversary we are thinking of you with many fond memories, that always bring us comfort and love. Mom, Dad, Family and Friends.

  • Published on 09/22/2017

Steven Kuhbander

4/1/1955 - 9/21/2004

When we think of you we smile and the pain of losing you fades away. We love & miss you. Lindsay & Carly

  • Published on 09/21/2017

Joseph C. Bundy

SSeptember 21, 1976 - SApril 27, 2008

Happy 41st Birthday Joey "How lucky I am to have (had) something that makes saying goodbye so hard." Winne the Pooh While we mourn you everyday, the wild and fantastic memories you left to us eases our hearts and brings us smiles and laughter. Your two beautiful children bring us love and joy. Momma and Joe XO Thomas Joseph and Fayeann Grace OX

  • Published on 09/21/2017

April Brown

9/20/76 - 3/5/93

We never got to know you. We only know your name. But, Auntie Angel April, We love you just the same! Happy Birthday!! Gunner, Garrett, Asher, Vivian & Kora (and their families)

  • Published on 09/20/2017

Alexis Nicole Lerner



  • Published on 09/19/2017

David W. Skogerboe

3/3/51 - 9/19/98

David W. Skogerboe 3/3/51 - 9/19/98 Romans 14:8-9

  • Published on 09/19/2017