honoring your loved ones

Verna Mae Renslow


Happy Birthday, my love. Each day, I kiss your face. Miss you greatly. Love, Dale

  • Published on 07/25/2017

Debra Lynn Stearns

3/30/57 - 7/24/12

Debra Lynn Stearns 3/30/57 7/24/12 Five long years miss and think of you every day. Mom

  • Published on 07/24/2017

Lois Jech

- died 7/29/15

This "leggy" babe was born Jan. 10, 1941, and was a dancer & entertainer extraordinaire. I miss holding you, Darling! Your smile; your warmth; your laughter; your love; are memories I will cherish forever!

  • Published on 07/23/2017

Toni Joriman

9/13/70 - 7/20/87

You left us 30 years ago But our love for you and your memory have never left us. Missed so much Love Forever, Your Family

  • Published on 07/23/2017

Marc Schaffhausen

4/9/51 - 7/23/97

You've been gone a long time. I always wanted to be like you. I wore your clothes, sprayed myself with your English Leather, even went out with your girlfriend. Just kidding on that last one. I miss you. Love you Bro, Rick.

  • Published on 07/23/2017

Trent Michael Huntley

6/18/66 - 7/23/72

TRENT was like The morning sun, with yellow hair and eyes as blue as the sky, and a smile that changed everyone's world. He remains in our Hearts, always our Beautiful boy. Mom, Dad, Todd, Troy, Tricia, Teren

  • Published on 07/23/2017

In Cherished Memory of

Anthony Adejare Ogundiran

07/21/1955 - 07/21/2016

At rest in God's keeping, a beautiful star in heaven-still loving-still living-taken into the arms of Jesus on his birthday. To live in the hearts of the ones you love is to never die. Sing and dance my love where shadows never fall. Pain and sorrow forgotten, and eternally resting in sweet peace.

  • Published on 07/21/2017

Hannah Marie Albright

6/16/92 - 7/21/94

I have missed you so much these last 23 years. Your absence is a pain I have gotten used to, but I know it will be part of me forever I love you Sweet Pea, Your Dad

  • Published on 07/21/2017

Sarah Elizabeth Blosberg


Sarah, dearest Sarah, it's been 20 years, a golden anniversary of your new life with Jesus. To say the least we all miss you more than you can ever have known on earth. Lots has happened in those 20 years, young children bear your name and many are reflecting your infectious spirit, laughter and crazy antics. Your spirit truly lives on. Sarah, you are gone from your earthly life but you will never be forgotten, especially by Mom, Dad, Rachel, your extended family and your many friends. GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO WE ...ETERNALLY!

  • Published on 07/20/2017

Jacob Peckels

2/2/1973 - 7/19/2012

Jacob Peckels 2/2/1973 7/19/2012 Je veux ĂȘtre comme toi, papa. Les souvenirs restent comme des images dans le temps. Tu me manques, mon fils. Amour, papa.

  • Published on 07/19/2017