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11/29/1935 - 11/25/2009

We will always love & miss you. Laura, Linda, Bob, Hannah & Holly

Timothy Cavanaugh

November 22, 2014

Tim is greatly missed. He had a very giving heart and huge sense of humor. He will be loved and missed forever. Love, Mom and Family.

Connie Conradi

1923 - 2018

A traditional piece of advice for good living is to laugh often and love much. Dear Connie lived by that maxim, because if was in her nature. We will miss her joie de vivre and her boundless love of family, always. These heartfelt sentiments come from her loving relatives in Ontario, Canada: Charlotte (sister), Perry (nephew), and Rita (niece-in-law).

Mike Diem

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 marks 2 years since the death of my husband Mike Diem. In author Gabriel Marcel's book, Mystery of Being, he writes, "We can have a very strong feeling that somebody who is sitting in the same room as ourselves ... someone whom we can look at and listen to and whom we could touch if we wanted ... is nevertheless further away from us than some loved one who is perhaps thousands of miles away or perhaps, even, no longer among the living." I miss you Mike, I love you Mike. Beth

Thomas Doane

11/18/1919 - 8/25/2012

Gone for your 99th birthday but not forgotten. I will love and remember you forever, Mare.

Alene J. Erickson

April 14, 1935 - Dec. 5, 2011

7 years it is supposed to get easier, it doesn't. Miss you so much. Love, Me

Bill Erickson

April 15, 1952 - Nov. 13, 2017

Bill Erickson April 15, 1952 Nov. 13, 2017 1 year ago on this day you left this Earth so suddenly, we are still getting used to you not being here. Sending love and peace as we remember you on this day. Trusting that you are on your next adventure! Missing you; your Erickson brothers and sisters your family and friends.

Joseph Joe Francis, Sr.

December 1, 1933 - April 14, 1994

Joe, your family is so grateful for you and all you have given us. Your kindness, loyalty, and courage in the face of any adversity will always inspire us. Thinking of you, and Joey, every day of our lives, thanking God for both of you. Love and miss you always. Flo, and your children Joey, Susan, Barbara, Jeanne and Johnny. Your grandchildren Rachel, Benji, Adam, Monica, Sarah, Andrew, Brianna, Joe, Joseph, Lilly, and Anna. Your great grandchildren, Melia & Gavin.

Raymond A. Fritz

1/10/1926 - 11/26/2017

On November 26, 2017 an Angel of God came and whispered softly, "come with me Raymond" and took the love of my life to Jesus Christ in heaven where he always wanted to be. He told me not to cry and let him go live with Jesus Christ in heaven. Ingeborg misses you daily and so does your only son Ted. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. Your wife of 61 years & your family

Mitchell Ryan Glennie

10-29-97 - 11-30-17

We have only your memory dear boy. To remember our whole life through. But the sweetness will linger forever. As we treasure the image of you. We miss you every day, Dad, Grandma, Jon, Missy & Dave, Matt and Jackie