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Kelly Ann Eggert

April 27, 1965 - August 6, 1998

You're someone who is special to so many people. Your kindness is a blessing to every life you touched. You deserve a birthday that's a big slice of heaven. You're someone others care about so much. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!

Published on 04/27/2015

In Loving Memory of

Victoria Ann

Love to our dear Mom & Grandma

Published on 04/27/2015

Steve Nielsen

3/13/87 - 4/27/02

Steve Nielsen 3/13/87 - 4/27/02 Loved... Always

Published on 04/27/2015

Jane (Chan) Danielson

April 26, 1915 - Jan. 4, 1999

On what would have been your 100th birthday, April 26, 2015: You were truly one of a kind. "Unforgettable, that's what you are..." We miss you and we love you. Your Family

Published on 04/26/2015

Eric Hays Severson

1962 - 1990

He was the shining edge Of keen laughter Where hope becomes joy In the twinkling of a sob And the soul must explain. His was a dappled gloaming Where the sun was held And glories inspected While he bade dreams come Without surrender to night. His glow drew us And we ran with him To prolong the day And refuse the dark. His love yet calls to us To seek the light now And the light after Where he still runs. When the day gathers And we are stirred to listen And we drink the dimpsy sun We find beneath his pillow The gift of his remembrance. Mom, Dad & Holle

Published on 04/26/2015

Donald "Red" Rogers

7/19/1931 - 4/26/2011

Forever loved, forever missed. Mary & family

Published on 04/26/2015

Patrick William Ptak

April 20, 1962 - January 8, 1992

Dear Patrick, Happy Birthday! Love Mom and the family

Published on 04/26/2015


April 26, 1915 - March 21, 1999

Dad, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, As we think of you today on your 100th birthday, our hearts are filled with special memories and everlasting love. Always missing you. Carolyn and family

Published on 04/26/2015

"Jerry" D. Murphy

9/18/1943 - 4/25/2013

What a unique personality you had. This "Buds" for you. Miss you Brother. - Brother Gene

Published on 04/25/2015

Robert Warren Larson

April 23, 1928 - August 16, 1976

The best Dad ever. I love you & think of you every day. Happy Birthday. Sarah

Published on 04/23/2015


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